A Matter of Balance

Millie, Owen and MollieOur best friends Owen Bowen and Mollie haven’t been very well this year.  Mollie had a bad stomach that went on for ages, and poor O-Bo has lost one of his legs.  Apparently it broke and had to go for recycling – at least, we think that’s what happened to it, as that’s what usually happens to broken stuff.  Anyway, he hasn’t got it any more and has to manage with three.

It hasn’t slowed him down much – he springs along like a Paralympic athlete.  It’s simply a matter of balance, which Owen is very good at.  He does get tired more quickly, though, and can’t race Pearl like he used to.


I thought Pearl might lose interest in him, heartless hussy that she is, but to be fair, she loves him just as much as ever.  Not that either of us see as much of him or Mollie now. Owen actually finds it easier to run than to walk, which means that whoever walks him has to run  as well.  Jan and Alain have been enthusiastic runners for years so it isn’t a problem for them, but Annabelle (who is disgracefully unfit) finds it hard keeping up.

Alain and the pack

If you ask me, Annabelle spends too much time sitting on her bottom.  She says it’s because she’s a writer and most of her exercise takes place inside her head, but that’s no excuse – we all need to exercise our legs as well.  Again, it’s a matter of balance.

If Owen can run now he’s one leg down, surely Annabelle can manage it with her full complement of two!

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19 Responses to A Matter of Balance

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Great post – it’s all so true. And that pup is so inspirational!


  2. Thank you! Owen is a real hero, and very much loved by his family.


  3. Excellent points, Millie. You make me want to go running.


  4. fredrieka says:

    momwithoutpaws tries to balance what we do like our excursion and took me to a dog park for the first time wow I had fun


  5. Val Boyko says:

    Such love and wisdom Millie … teehee about Annabelle!


  6. I try my best… with Annabelle, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!


  7. Animals never cease to amaze with their coping skills-they just get on with the business of life as usual-


  8. Absolutely! Owen is doing really well, and his humans Jan and Alain have worked tirelessly to get him strong again after his accident.


  9. Owen Bowen! What an intriguing name and inspiring doggy 🙂


  10. Owen is going from strength to strength, with the help of his humans and his sister Mollie. He gets a bit tired sometimes, but I’ve never heard him complain or say how much better life was when he had four legs. That’s the great thing about us dogs – we just get on with it and make the most of every moment!


  11. I am amazed how dogs cope with only three legs! Dogs are positive creatures who live in the moment, seize the day etc.
    Millie, that looks like a companionable walk, I’m sure Annabelle isn’t as lazy as she looks sitting on her bottom…


  12. Annabelle has been getting more exercise since the summer weather started (yes, we’re actually getting a summer this year!) Sometimes she even goes swimming, though we’re not allowed to come with her because we can’t be trusted to behave ourselves on the beach while she’s in the sea.


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