Pack walk in bluebellsOn Sunday we went with Alain, Jan, Owen Bowen and Mollycopter to Parc le Breos woods, just across the valley from where we live.  There we discovered a waving ocean of bluebells.  The humans couldn’t get enough of it, and countless pictures were taken.

Bluebell wave

Pearl and Owen courting

Millie in BluebellsThe humans were so busy with their cameras and phones, they completely missed the fairies enjoying their Spring celebrations. Fairies are much too quick to be caught on camera, though Annabelle almost managed to capture these shape-shifting circle dancers before they turned into flowers.


I reckon the fairies deserve a party after all the hard work they’ve done behind the scenes to make sure Spring happens on time. They were a bit late last year, but this year they’ve got it just right.  There’s new life everywhere – flowers blooming, eggs hatching, lambs bleating (yum yum!) – and a new puppy in our extended pack.

The puppy’s name is Max, he belongs to Annabelle’s nephew, and he is… wait for it… a LABRADOODLE!


Annabelle’s nephew is allergic to animal hair, so he needed a woolly dog rather than a hairy one.


Now, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but I have something of a problem with Labradors.  I can’t even explain it to myself, but whenever I see a Labrador, I have to have a go.  (It’s the same with spaniels, but that’s another story.)  I know it’s illogical, but we dogs are not logical creatures.  Intelligent, maybe; logical, no.  That quality is confined to humans and a mysterious outer space race called Vulcans.

Annabelle has warned me that if I ever indulge in ‘illogical’ behaviour with Max I will be in serious trouble.  So far, we haven’t even been allowed to meet him.  The official reason is something to do with vaccinations, but I think Annabelle’s afraid we might eat him.

As if! I’d no more eat a little woolly puppy than gobble up a newborn lamb!


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11 Responses to Labradoodledandy!

  1. Oh he is adorable! I could be tempted to chew on his cheeks, too. In a loving way, of course. Like you, Pierre may go in for the K-I-double-hockeysticks!


  2. Val Boyko says:

    Too funny … although I get a sense that small fluffy dogs may not be the best of friends!
    I love the magical bluebells and the magic taking place here!


  3. We think the bluebell wood must be in a secret part of Parc le Breos known only to the fairies, as there was no one else there, even though it was a Bank Holiday weekend. We only found it because Owen (the big stripy Greyhound) kept pulling us in that direction. Amazing what we dogs know!


  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Max is so adorable! And that field of bluebells is almost surreal – absolutely gorgeous.


  5. It was surreal – we had to go back the next day to check it was still there!


  6. Oh Miss Millie-another one to keep track of-but at least he is wooly instead of hairy, and I am sure you will give him the proper how-to’s 🙂 And those bluebells are gorgeous-I would love to find something like that around here-definitely a wonderful place for hiding fairies!


  7. Mags Corner says:

    This is where that adorable little sweetie is that I mentioned in the other comment. I am getting old. lol What a beautiful place. The bluebells are gorgeous and they made a wonderful backdrop for your pictures. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. Thank you! Max took ages getting that shoe up the step, he had to do it in stages. By all accounts, the adorable little sweetie is getting bigger every day, and sassy with it!


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