Winter Woes

???????????????????????????????It’s a while since our beach has looked like this.  Over the past few weeks it has been battered by boisterous winds and monstrous seas, and the valley behind Three Cliffs Bay is waterlogged and littered with debris.

Recently our walks have been cut short by torrential rain, and Annabelle has had to leave her camera at home in case it gets wet.  She says we’re lucky to live in a place that doesn’t get flooded and we shouldn’t complain; but it’s hard not to feel a bit down at this time of year.  We’ve all had enough of dark evenings and dodgy weather, and the resolutions so bravely made last month have fallen by the wayside.

Remember how Pearl was going to give up fox and badger perfume?  Well, that didn’t last long.  She’s a right junkie when it comes to foul-smelling substances.  She tried to take the edge off the craving with the slightly less offensive (and less lingering) odour of dead gannet, but it clearly didn’t satisfy, because she’s gone back to poop.  She likes the way the smell survives washing.  No matter how clean she looks after Annabelle has removed the actual substance, Pearl still stinks like a badger’s backside.

The other resolution she broke was the one about not stealing my boyfriends.  She didn’t even try to keep that one.  Not content with stealing Owen from me last year (he was seduced by her superior running skills), she has now set her sights on Merlin, the latest addition to our friend Sasha’s pack.

Merlin is seriously HOT.  He’s a Lurcher like me, with the most gorgeous blue eyes – and, entre nous, I think he’s quite interested.  He paid me a lot of attention the last time we met.  But Pearl says I’m  too old for him and he was only interested in the treats Annabelle was giving me.  What’s more, she says the next time we see him she’s going to make sure she’s the only treat on the menu.

There’s a word for dogs like her, but since it applies to all female dogs it doesn’t quite have the desired impact.  If only Merlin could see what she looks like first thing in the morning!  Maybe I could show him this picture…


…or maybe I should just put him straight about her.  Tell him he’ll be history as soon as the next pretty face comes along…???????????????????????????????

…especially if that pretty face shows interest in ME.???????????????????????????????

The next time we get a sunny day (if we ever get one again) I’m going to make Annabelle stalk Merlin with her camera so we can post his photo.  I can’t wait to have you all see how beautiful he is!

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11 Responses to Winter Woes

  1. Hilarious as always, Millie…although the situation itself isn’t hilarious. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Merlin stays faithful!


  2. Fiona Riley says:



  3. Lesley says:

    Ooooh, that Pearl seems like a bit of a one. My Mum used to tell me the boys date girls like that but they don’t marry them.


  4. Very wise words. I’ll pass them on to Pearl, though I don’t suppose she’ll take much notice. It isn’t marriage that’s on her mind!


  5. honeybee29 says:

    I like the name Merlin!


  6. I do, too, it really suits him – his eyes are magical, a mixture of dark and light blue, and he has an unusual black and grey coat. He could well be a wizard in disguise!


  7. Lovely top photo and Millile-you were born for the camera!


  8. Thank you! I do love having my photo taken.


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