A Winter’s Tail

At this time of year, the humans make a huge fuss about Christmas.  I can understand them wanting to have fun and eat lots of yummy food, but why do they all get so stressed about Christmas shopping?  Anyone would think it was a matter of life or death.

Maybe it’s down to all those shouty guys on TV telling people to BUY stuff.  ‘HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!  BUY, BUY, BUY!  DON’T MISS OUT!   GRAB THOSE MUST-HAVE GIFTS BEFORE THEY GO!  ORDER YOUR NEW SOFA NOW IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!’  As if Christmas is all about having a swanky new sofa for Grandma to sit on.  A sofa doesn’t need to be new to be comfy.  Annabelle hasn’t bought a new sofa for years – she says there’s absolutely no point because we’d just ruin it straight away.???????????????????????????????

Annabelle gets really annoyed with the the shouty TV guys.  Why doesn’t she just turn the television OFF?  All she does is moan about it when it’s on, so why bother with it at all?  I don’t get it.

As for Pearl, she’s only asked Santa to bring her a terrier puppy for Christmas!  I was scandalised when she told me.  ‘Don’t you know that dogs should never be given as presents?’  I said.  ‘What d’you want a terrier puppy for, anyway?  You won’t be able to look after it.’

‘Don’t want to look after it,’ she replied.  ‘Want to chase it, catch it and chew it.’Pearl coat tongue

She really is outrageous.  I mean, I wouldn’t mind a hamster for Christmas – I’ve heard they’re quite tasty – but we must learn to curb these baser instincts, and be content with soft toys and treats.Millie Santa bear

I’m sorry to say that Pearl is getting quite spoilt.  There are dogs who would give their eye teeth just to have a home of their own for Christmas.  The new Greyhound Rescue Wales Sanctuary is a wonderful place – the kennels have proper beds and heat lamps, and each one has its own little ‘front yard’ – but it’s not the same as being in your very own home with your very own humans.  Patch has been waiting more than a year for his forever home, and his Christmas poem says it all.

So come on, Pearl – instead of hankering after things you can’t have, try appreciating all the good things you’ve got!???????????????????????????????


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9 Responses to A Winter’s Tail

  1. Sorry to say Millie, but I am loving Pearl’s poncho. My daughter wants a poncho something fierce. You think in AZ we’d be able to find one! She looks very, oh, Nanny McPhee-ish or something.

    You look so comfy on your couch with your pillows. With you and Pearl both taking up the couches, I sure hope there’s room for Annabelle!

    Vanessa 🙂


  2. We let her have the corner of the sofa nearest the TV so she can shout at it.


  3. honeybee29 says:

    Merry christmas to you too


  4. Merry Christmas, Ciara and Chloe – hope you have a good one! 🙂


  5. Sounds as though your lovely dogs are in for a pretty good Christmas. Hope you have fun, too. 🙂


  6. Purple is definitely Pearl’s color-and Millie, what a lovely reminder of what Christmas is about-what a smart girl you are! We hope all three of you have a very lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2014!


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