Our Summer

While Jan and Alain were on holiday, Owen Bowen came to stay with us and Mollie went to stay with Sasha, who runs a holiday camp for dogs.  Sasha belongs to our friends Torrin and Shadow.

Torrin and Shadow

While Owen was with us, we often went to the Paddock to meet up with Sasha and her crew – the idea being that Owen and Mollie would get to spend some time together.  But Mollie, true to form, preferred to keep herself to herself…Mollie

…while the rest of us caught up on local gossip.Millie, Owen, Heidi and Bella

We heard all about the dog show at Sandy Lane Fete.  Apparently it was great fun, with games involving sausages – find the sausage, fetch the sausage, catch the sausage, you name it, they were doing it with sausages.  Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to go because I’ve got an ASBO for something bad I did a few years ago.  But enough of that – I don’t like to discuss my dark past.

Shadow and Torrin had been at the Fete, so they weren’t really interested in hearing about it.  They preferred to spend their Paddock time indulging in horseplay…???????????????????????????????

…until Pearl caused a distraction by trying to escape.???????????????????????????????

Fortunately, Shadow talked her down.???????????????????????????????

This was a minor miracle, because Pearl is very jealous of Shadow, who is a blonde bombshell (I’ve even heard she crimps her ear-hair).

Pearl’s long nose is generally out of joint at the moment, because all the girls flirt with Owen and he just laps it up.  While he was with us, Pearl pretended to have gone right off him and even peed on his bed to show him how unwelcome he was – but since he went home, she’s been right down in the dumps.
Prl looking miserable

They all need to accept that Owen only has eyes for one girl – and that’s me.Owen and Millie

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4 Responses to Our Summer

  1. Valerie says:

    Such beautiful dogs, and such unique personalities! 🙂


  2. The first picture is my favorite. Look at all that grass! (I live in the desert, sorry.)
    Beautiful dogs, too. 🙂


  3. We love the grass, too. The only trouble is, it needs lots of rain to grow – which means lots of walks in the rain!


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