A Myth Exploded

When we dogs are out on walks, you might think we only notice the sights and sounds and smells of Nature; but we’re never too busy to pick up on the talk of the humans we meet along the way.  Especially when it’s about us.

People often stop to talk to us and tell Annabelle how beautiful we are, which is great, but some of them seem to think we need a lot of exercise.



(And that goes for me, too, because I’m 75 per cent Greyhound.)

Don’t get me wrong, we love to run, but we  prefer a sprint to a marathon.  This is great news for our humans because they don’t have to go far or stay out long.  They don’t have to run with us, either – most of them would never keep up!  Once we’ve let off steam we don’t need to walk far at all, and when we get home all we want to do is loll about…???????????????????????????????

…especially in this heat!???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????Incidentally, Pearl doesn’t know what to make of this weather.  I’ve had to explain to her it’s called “summer”.  She’s only 4, and we haven’t had summer for 7 years, so it’s quite new to her.  She’s finding it a bit much, what with the heat and the crowds who want to be beside the seaside.  Annabelle has been taking us out in the evenings when it’s quieter.

If you have a Greyhound (or any dog) here are some tips for keeping her comfy when it’s hot:

  • Walk your dog in the early morning or in the evening
  • Make sure your dog has somewhere cool to relax during the day
  • Keep your dog’s water bowl replenished with fresh water
  • Don’t leave your dog in a parked car

And if you’d like a Greyhound but you think we need too much exercise, think again.  We don’t.  20 minutes twice a day will do fine.


And so do lovely, languid, luscious, lazy Lurchers.???????????????????????????????

Special announcement: we won’t be posting quite so often for a while because Annabelle wants to spend more time working on her new book – and I can’t type because of my poorly paws!

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9 Responses to A Myth Exploded

  1. honeybee29 says:

    Hi millie, woof from Chloe!

    Can you please ask Annabelle what age her book is for and what is it about! It looks interesting 🙂


  2. Gateway to Magic is for age 7-11 but has been enjoyed by grownups as well – our friend Alain stayed up all night reading it! The book is about gaming addict Steven Topcliff who has managed to get himself stuck in Fairyland where all technology is banned by law. He doesn’t fit in there at all – the inhabitants tease and threaten him and the Land itself is a living being that deals out instant magical punishments to lawbreakers. When the ruthless Fairy Queen summons Steven to her Presence, he learns that she’s the living power behind the Land and its creatures, and she wants to keep him there for her own purposes. His only chance of getting home is to forge his own Gateway back to Earth. To do this, he must believe it’s possible for a human boy to do Magic – and that’s the hardest part of all.


  3. Thank you! The book is only available as a download at the moment, but if you have a Kindle, smartphone or any other tablet you should be able to download it. You can also download it onto your computer if you get the free Kindle for PC software from Amazon. Here is a link that should take you to the page where you can download the software: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=sv_kstore_3?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771
    If this doesn’t work, try searching search for ‘Kindle reading apps’.
    You can download the book itself by scrolling up this page until you see the two book cover images on the right. The upper image will take you to my book page on amazon.co.uk, and the lower image will take you to my book page on amazon.com. I think amazon.com (the lower one) is your best bet, but if that doesn’t work you can try the other one.
    Good luck!!


  4. Eileen says:

    What beautiful babies! Greyhounds are so elegant. I’ll have to take a look at your book some time too–the site is very interesting.


  5. Thank you! We aim to please!


  6. Those look like some happy and secure dogs-


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