Green-Eyed Monster

Remember Owen Bowen, the beautiful blue brindle Greyhound being fostered by Annabelle’s friends Jan and Alain????????????????????????????????

They were a bit wary of adopting him in case he ate Giggsy the guinea fowl; but since Giggsy is no more, Owen has become a full member of the pack.  Alain has looked into his racing history and it seems he’s something of a champion – under the name Alaskan Mist, he won loads of races and was Midlands Greyhound of the Year 2008.

When Pearl heard about this, she had a dramatic change of affections – Gorgeous George is history, and Owen Bowen is the new love of her life.  Which is really annoying, because she never used to give O-Bo the time of day, apart from growling at him whenever he invaded her space.???????????????????????????????

Now she flirts with him outrageously at every opportunity.  How shallow is that????????????????????????????????

This isn’t just the green-eyed monster talking – I liked O-Bo long before he was a sporting star.  I liked O-Bo for himself, and I’m pretty sure he liked me back.

So hands off, Pearl.  Owen is MINE.???????????????????????????????

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