When a Dog’s Owner is Barking

Millie, Mollie and PearlAnnabelle has a special collective name for the pointy dog breeds – she thinks it’s quicker and easier than saying ‘Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets’ or even ‘pointy dogs’.  The word is ‘mivvets’.

All I can say is, the dogs ain’t the only ones in this house who are barking.  It’s really embarrassing to be called ‘my little mivvet’ in public – and she has other names for me that are too cringeworthy to bear repeating.

Another annoying thing she does is sing songs she’s made up herself.  She’s not the world’s best lyricist, and her singing makes me want to pull my own ears off and bury them.  Here is a song she made up about Pearl ‘skanking’ food:

“Pearl’s a sinner/She stands up when she’s stealing the dinner / Off the worktop / Pearl’s a sinner / An accomplished food thief and dustbinner / She’ll take her sister’s favourite chew / And her favourite biscuits too / She is shameless / Her legs look just like Betty Grable’s / When she stands up with her paws on the table / Wolfing down the food I left there by mistake / Food that was meant to last for a week.”

This masterpiece is sung to a tune from the dark ages when Annabelle was a pup.

???????????????????????????????Message from Pearl:  That song is biased!  Millie is as big a thief as I am when it comes to rawhide chews!

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4 Responses to When a Dog’s Owner is Barking

  1. honeybee29 says:

    I just love this its so funny… The dog in the very front of the first picture looks a little like Chloe!!

    Bestest blog!!!! Millie you are very funny


  2. That’s our Pearl!! She thanks you very much for your kind compliment – Chloe is a beautiful girl with a sweet face! 🙂


  3. LizzeeBuff says:

    Oh Millie, this does make me wonder what Sasha thinks of me when I’m singing… She does tend to give me this look sometimes… almost rolling her eyes as if to say, “Oh no, NOT this song again…” She usually lies in the room with me when I’m doing uni work… Sometimes, she walks out… maybe my singing is just too much! Sadly, I don’t know any doggy tunes… lol 🙂


  4. As long as they’re not howling, I reckon we’re doing OK!


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