Gifts for the Gods?

???????????????????????????????Today we’re in Ilston Cwm.  We love it here, especially in midsummer when the woods are buzzing with smells.  We don’t often get to see the smells’ owners, but it’s fun following their tracks to see where they end up.  Usually it’s down some hole that’s too small for us to get into, but it’s the hunt that counts.

We stop for a rest at an old ruined building next to a massive ash tree.???????????????????????????????

According to Annabelle, the ruin used to be a church hundreds of years ago.  Now it belongs to the gods of Nature.  We can sense the presence of Pan here, and more than once we’ve seen Artemis, the goddess who looks after hunting dogs.  Humans see her as a woman, but she appears to us as a greyhound – sometimes shining white, sometimes black as midnight, but always with keen golden eyes.???????????????????????????????

Annabelle has brought us to the woods because the cows don’t come here and poo like they do everywhere else.  But there are still little bags of dog poo lying around.  Could they be gifts for the gods?  I can’t imagine any deity enjoying a gift like that.  Goblins or imps might have some use for it, but as far as I can see no one comes to collect the bags.  They just stay lying around on the grass.

Uh oh… an imp has just jumped on Pearl and is whispering in her ear.  I wonder what he’ll make her do this time????????????????????????????????

I don’t think I want to see this.  Pearl is heading for a big pile of fox dung…???????????????????????????????

Don’t do it Pearl – don’t listen to him!  Annabelle brought us here to get away from poo…

Too late.  Pearl has got her shoulder right down into that pile, and Annabelle is coming out with language that’s quite unfit for the ears of deities.

The imps seem to like it, though.

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4 Responses to Gifts for the Gods?

  1. honeybee29 says:

    Hi Millie my dog Chloe was wondering if you have dogbook? We both love your blog 🙂


  2. Hi Chloe! I don’t have a dogbook yet, but I’m working on Annabelle to write one. Annabelle seems to have an obsession with goblins at the moment, though a naughty Lurcher does appear in the new book she is working on. I think maybe she should stop thinking about goblins so much in case she starts to attract them! x


  3. what magical walks you have with your beautiful dogs. I love this story. I must indulge in more whimsy when I’m walking my two.


  4. LizzeeBuff says:

    Wish our walks could be as exciting as yours Millie! 🙂


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