Nobody Likes a Wet Blanket

Millie profileYou may be wondering how animals know what humans are thinking.  The answer is simple: we’re psychic.

Some humans think dogs are stupid because we can’t talk.  We do use our voices, but most of the time we prefer more subtle methods of communication like body language and smellepathy.  And we can read human auras, which is more than most humans can do.

I can tell when Annabelle is angry, even if she doesn’t show it.  Mostly she gets angry about feeling tired and having too much to do.  I know when she’s tired, because her aura is like a huge, heavy, scratchy, old, grey, wet blanket – and I know when she’s angry, because the blanket starts to steam.

It must be hard to get things done while she’s smothered in something like that.  I’d like to pull that old blanket off with my teeth but I can’t, because it’s not actually solid.  I’ve tried smellepathing to her that it isn’t solid so she doesn’t have to worry about it, but smellepathy can’t get through it – so it must be real, even if it isn’t solid.

Blankets should know their place!  Blankets shouldn’t be wet and get on top of you – they should be dry and stay underneath you.  Like the one I sleep on.???????????????????????????????

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