Message from Annabelle: The Hero’s Journey

Great guidance for writing and for life from Louisa of Cygnus Books…

What if a child becomes something other than what society intended?… What if a child is destined for something greater? 

What is the ‘Hero’s Journey’?

The hero’s journey takes us through the twelve steps that are discussed in Finding Joe. Joseph Campbell noticed how these following steps occur in every great myth just as they can be seen in every superhero movie around today … and in our own lives if we choose to follow the calling.

Ordinary World – Our everyday life, before the adventure begins.

Call to adventure –  Destiny summons the hero/heroine within. This could be a personal inclination that one is meant for something greater or it could be a difficulty or challenge that needs to be overcome.

Refusal of the Call – The fear response to the challenge and self sabotage.

Meeting with the Mentor – When the student is ready, the teacher appears bringing advice that helps the hero on his journey.

Crossing the First Threshold – Leaving the comfort zone for the journey of adventure.

Tests, Allies, Enemies – Encountering friends and foes, the hero learns valuable lessons that test his or her strength.

Approach – Obstacles prompt the hero to adapt, trying different methods and new ideas.

Ordeal – A great obstacle where the hero falls or maybe has to even overcome death itself.

Reward – The gift of achievement and growth having survived the crisis.

The Road Back – The hero doesn’t allow ego to take over and instead takes the journey back home.

Resurrection Hero – Facing the final, biggest battle. This is what it all comes down to – where everything is at stake and the hero must put into practice all that has been learned.

Return with Elixir – The hero returns home but is changed and has a new approach to life. The elixir is what the hero takes back to the ordinary world – something that can be used to help others.

Watching for something greater

Understanding the process of the Hero’s Journey deepens our appreciation of the great myths and enriches our movie watching experiences. We relate to and connect with the archetypes and pick up on every valuable lesson and every ounce of inspiration. If we’re getting so much more out of stories and movies … imagine how much more we get out of life. It helps us to answer the questions we started this email with…

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7 Responses to Message from Annabelle: The Hero’s Journey

  1. Louisa says:

    Thank you for sharing, Annabelle. It’s lovely to discover your blog which I’m now following. One love, Louisa


  2. Thank you so much for following my blog. Just checked out yours and read some of your beautiful poems! xx


  3. Louisa says:

    I’m glad you like my poetry 🙂 I find your blog inspiring and motivating, as a fellow writer. Thank you xx


  4. madamestyx says:

    Thank you for ‘Liking’ my About Page. Glad you popped in or I wouldn’t have discovered your blog! Very cool.


  5. Thank you! Yours is pretty inspiring as well!


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