Message from Annabelle: The Nature of the Fairy Queen

Fairy QueenThe Fairy Queen is the mind of Fairyland, though she isn’t always conscious of everything that goes on.  Like a human being, she has a conscious and subconscious mind, though her mind is very different from ours.  She doesn’t think like we do; she lives in the moment and acts spontaneously according to Fairyland Law.

There are three kinds of Law in Fairyland:

  • The Laws of Karma, which come from the Higher Planes and can’t be changed by anyone in Fairyland, including its Queen.  These Laws are imprinted on the fabric of her being and she is totally in tune with them.
  • The Fairy Queen’s conscious Laws, which are partly what she considers to be good for Fairyland and partly what pleases her personally.  These are subject to change according to her whim.
  • The Fairy Queen’s subconscious Laws, which are a Law unto themselves and have a life of their own.  These are acted out through the Land itself and through its creatures, though they don’t always realise it.

The Fairy Queen isn’t quite all-powerful.  Hers may be the most powerful mind in Fairyland, but another mind can sometimes work against her Laws if its psychic muscles are sufficiently developed.

The Fairy Queen’s true form is an intricate, constantly shifting pattern of coloured light, like millions of tiny mirrored shapes moving around each other in an endless dance.  She rarely appears to her subjects – and never to humans – in her true form.  To see her in her true form is to experience the whole of Fairyland all at once, and the human body could never stand up to such an experience – its molecular structure would simply fly apart.

The Fairy Queen can manifest in many different guises.  Her appearance is partly chosen by herself and partly influenced by the expectations of the person who is looking at her.  She delights in tricks and illusions, and has a childlike sense of humour.

The Fairy Queen can be very dangerous.  Engage with her at your peril.

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