Owen Bowen

OBoJan and Alain are fostering a beautiful blue brindle Greyhound called Owen.  Alain calls him Owen Bowen, or Bo.  I call him O-Bo.  He’s been in kennels for ages so they’re helping him get used to living in a house.OBo1

I think they’d like to adopt him but first they have to make sure he won’t eat Giggsy, the guinea fowl who lives in their garden.  Here is a pic of Giggsy.Giggsy1

He’s a bit camera-shy so you can’t see him very well, but Annabelle says he looks like John McCririck.  I don’t know who that is – Giggsy just looks like dinner to me.  Not that I’d try and eat him – he’s a bit too big and lively for me to tackle.

Pearl is such a bully!  We had to look after O-Bo the other day and Pearl decided she didn’t want him in the house.  She lay on the sofa nearest the door and growled at him when he tried to come in.  Annabelle had to get Pearl to move before she could coax him through the door.  She had to do the same thing every time O-Bo had been out for a pee – and he pees a LOT.

Things were better when we went for a walk.  Pearl loses her bottle completely when we’re out, which meant O-Bo could send his pee-mails in peace, and when we got back she actually let him sleep in her bed.  There’s hope for her yet…

It would be good if Jan and Alain could adopt O-Bo, because Mollie tends to cling to Jan, and Alain would like another dog to be his BFF.  Last year they adopted a lovely fawn Greyhound called Jack but he was really old and he died soon afterwards.  Jack loved to play in the water.New Jack Swim

Rest in peace, Jack.

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