Love Matters

Toryn sunsetMollie has a new BFF – a collie called Torrin who lives round the corner.  Torrin is young, male and dead fit.  It’s painfully obvious Mollie has the hots for him, though she tries to hide it behind that disdainful look she does so well.

Pearl is also in LURVE, with a pop star called George.  I call him Boy Gorgeous.  He belongs to Bethan Hellings, Jan’s niece and a talented young graphic designer who did the illustrations for Gateway to Magic.  (There’s your book plug, Annabelle – only don’t ask me to do it too often, OK?  I don’t mind giving Beth a mensh, but if I plug your book every week people will stop reading my blog.)

You can see the Boy Gorgeous video here: . He IS gorgeous, but Pearl is silly thinking she’s in love with someone she’s only ever seen onscreen.  For all she knows he could he could have all sorts of horrid habits – most men do.  I should know, I had 4 brothers!

I’ll let you into a secret: there’s this LUSH new Lurcher  on the Lane called Noodles – he’s just totally PERFECT, such a smooth shiny coat, all black and gold stripes, and a body to die for.  He’s like some exotic creature from Africa, like the ones in the TV wildlife shows.  Trouble is, he’s much too YOUNG for me, it simply wouldn’t work, so I have to pretend I’m not interested.  It’s so frustrating!  When he came up to say Hi to me, I just wanted to lick his beautiful face all over, but I had to growl at him instead.  It’s dead disappointing, but it had to be done – I don’t want a reputation as a cradle snatcher.

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3 Responses to Love Matters

  1. Noodles! What a great name-I love hearing what other people come up with for their pets-Poor Millie!


  2. I’ve gone off Noodles now – he’s grown into a bit of a hooligan! Millie x


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