Where We Live

Millie 3CliffsWe have to be quiet in the house while Annabelle is writing her stories, but that’s not difficult for us Greyhound types.  As long as we get a walk every day and a chance to run off-lead, we’re happy to spend the rest of the time chilling out on various chairs and sofas.

This is a good place for us because you can go for a walk without having to cross any roads.  Sandy Lane isn’t a proper road, it’s a maze of dirt tracks leading to the chalets where the various dogs live with their humans.  There are open areas of grass as well, great for playing on, but we’re not allowed there because we’re sight hounds and we like chasing people’s chickens and cats.  It’s a bit annoying for us, because there are other dogs on the Lane (not mentioning any names) who are much more of a menace.  But once we’re off the Lane, we’re let off the lead – at least, I am – Annabelle has to be more careful with Pearl in case she freaks out and bolts home.  We leave the Lane by a magical tunnel of thorn trees, cross a corner of the golf course, slide down a sand slope and we’re in the valley behind Three Cliffs Bay, where we have everything a hound could desire – grassy dunes to run and leap over, a river to get wet and dirty in, acres of sand to race each other on and sea to splash in.

When Annabelle can’t take us out we go out with Alain or Jan from GRW.  We’re lucky because Jan and Alain live on Sandy Lane as well.  Walks with Alain are always more fun because he’s got loads of energy and takes us for longer walks and is quite happy to throw sticks for us.  Pearl can’t see the point of sticks but I love them.

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2 Responses to Where We Live

  1. lauriebest says:

    I enjoyed your ‘doggie’ posts tremendously. Since I also live in a house filled with dogs (and birds), I appreciate your very funny approach. Who could not love a dog?! Glad you’re following our blog. Thanks and enjoy the laughs!


  2. lbeth1950 says:

    Dogs are such smart people!


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